Working with ARC has made overseas build difficult to justify with their competitive pricing structure. ARC is a company running extremely lean to keep costs down while delivering quality tools. The use of high speed machining and how they utilize the machines have held them to a level of quality that would be difficult to improve upon.

ARC offers world class tooling and service at a price point that competes with global tooling sources when the true total cost is identified. ARC's continued efforts to push the envelope with state-of-the-art equipment and innovative tool-making techniques will insure them a spot on Bourns' approved supplier list.

ARC provides excellent class "A" production tools at a competitive price. They have an excellent tool design team who has multiple years of experience and utilize innovative methods to achieve perfect parts. As project requirements change, ARC's in house capabilities and outstanding level of responsiveness allow them to adapt and respond to ensure timelines are met.

We have had a 30-year relationship with ARC building most, if not all, of our molds that produced intricate and close tolerance medical tools. We are very satisfied.

ARC completed 4 molds used for TV remote controls. These molds have 9 lifters per cavity with Hot Runner valve gate systems. The molds were sampled in May for the first time, approved on the spot and continued to run until October. These are some of the best tools we own.

ARC built 4 tools of a 7-tool package for an automotive customer. The parts were medium size at 24" x 15", required texture and side actions. The delivery time was short at 10 weeks, and they were completed on time. The FAI, Cpk and PPAP went without any issues.
Kudos to ARC!